About Us

core values

Excellence in Service

FDCUI employees exhibit professionalism, always striving towards the extraordinary and the exemplary.  We hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism and are willing to go the extra mile in the performance of our work.


FDCUI employees are honest and trustworthy.  We conduct ourselves with utmost professionalism when dealing with customers and partners towards long-lasting relationships.


FDCUI employees nurture, care for, protect and preserve resources of the company as well as resources of communities and partners FDCUI serves. We ensure that resources continually grow and shall continually be shared with others. We recognize the need to take on opportunities for the company while valuing relationships and their impact to the business and national development.


FDCUI employees continuously seek and identify new ideas to overcome challenges and develop new business opportunities.  We think and apply imaginative ideas to cost-effectively manage stakeholders for business continuity and growth.