Core Business

Through its power generation projects, FDCUI aims to help address the country’s increasing electricity demand, particularly, of the Luzon and Visayas Islands given their expected growth in the next three years. FDCUI also hopes to alleviate the power shortage Mindanao presently experiences with the aim of contributing to the country’s improved energy security.

Multiple power projects are lined up with close to 40% of FDCUI’s total investments focused on Mindanao with electric power purchase agreements being entered into with direct connectors and local distributors. FDCUI’s power generation is expected to provide additional baseload, intermediate, ancillary and replacement power to customers.

FDCUI’s projected entry into the water distribution business is part of the company’s five-year plan.

In line with its core business, the company provides services including retail electricity supply, wholesale electricity aggregation, wholesale electricity spot market trading, and coal trading through its subsidiaries.