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Filinvest subsidiary signs 28-year land lease with PHIVIDEC for the construction of a 405-MW thermal power plant

FDC Misamis Power Corporation (FDC Misamis), a part of the Filinvest Development Corporation (FDC) through its wholly-owned subsidiary, FDC Utilities, Inc., has recently signed a 28-year lease with the Phividec Industrial Authority for an initial 84.4-hectare land area within the Phividec’s industrial  estate  in  Villanueva,  Misamis  Oriental.  The  land  spans  three  barangays,  namely, Balacanas,  Tambobong  and  San  Martin,  and  is  being  leased  for  construction  of  a  circulating fluidized bed (CFB) coal-fired power plant targeted to operate early 2016. The FDC Misamis CFB plant in Villanueva is expected to generate an initial 270-megawatts (two units of 135-megawatts) to help relieve Mindanao of its power woes. An additional 135-megawatts is planned for 2018 in anticipation of the island’s growth.

Investment in power facilities in Mindanao is essential to ensure that economic growth is equally enjoyed in the island as the country gears up for a more robust economy. With a total of 405- megawatts of power, FDC Misamis becomes a key player in helping address Mindanao’s need for more stable and affordable electricity supply. Moreover, the Villanueva power plant is expected to help the local economy by propelling socio-economic development through jobs creation, expected increase in business activity in the area, and remittance of taxes, among others.

The FDC Misamis power plant is a Php30-B investment of the Filinvest group that uses the latest in ‘clean  coal  technology.’  The  power  plant  adopts  the  CFB  boiler  technology  which  reduces  the emission of sulfur dioxide (SOX) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) to negligible levels. The stereotype of ‘dirty coal’ is overcome by the CFB given the CFB’s efficiency in burning coal, and given limestone injection in the furnace. A whiter coal ash is generated which is a useful by-product often utilized for gypsum and cement production.  Furthermore, FDC Misamis intends to use an electrostatic precipitator that ensures 99.9% removal of total solid particulates or dust. A 24/7 continuous emission monitoring system shall also be adopted for the power plant.  The FDC Misamis ‘clean coal approach’ is not only adopted to the process of handling and processing coal but also in the company’s total approach to power plant operations with the goal of observing the highest levels of operational efficiency, measures to recycle waste, use of covered handling systems and empowerment of a multi-stakeholder team to help manage and monitor environmental compliance and the company’s community-based programs.   A local non-government organization has been tapped to help implement needs-based community programs.

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