FDC Utilities, Inc.

Taguig City
Posted 2 years ago


  1. Hourly monitoring and updating of trading data by uploading or inputting in the FDCUI database, such as:
    1. Real-Time Dispatch Schedules and Prices
    2. Real-Time Ex-Post Prices
    3. Day-Ahead Dispatch Schedules and Prices
    4. System Demand and LWAP
    5. Week-Ahead and Day-Ahead Plant Nomination
    6. Month-Ahead, Week-Ahead and Day-Ahead Customer Nominations
  2. Record and update information on the status of the market, power plants and other information relevant to the trading operations.
  3. Monitor Real-Time Dispatch to Actual Loading of power plant, thru phone call or a system, and inquire about discrepancies, if any.
  4. Receive all month-ahead, week-ahead and day-ahead customer nominations and upload to Trading database.
  5. Receive all month-ahead, week-ahead and day-ahead plant capacity and upload to Trading database.
  6. Submit week-ahead and day-ahead plant dependable capacity to NGCP.
  7. Prepare ex-ante contract allocations for IMEM and BCQ allocations for WESM (thru WBSS or thru IPPA-Trader).
  8. Forward ex-ante contract allocation and BCQ allocation summary to Trading Specialist for validation and submission to respective electricity markets.
  9. Assist in the preparation and submission of reports of done transactions for the day, such as:
    1. Revenue Report
    2. Energy Report
    3. Other reports that may be requested in relation to the functions of Trading Group.
  10. Safeguard the confidentiality of the records and other information.
  11. Perform other tasks and special functions that may be assigned by the management relevant to the functions of the Trading Group.



Degree in Engineering, Economics, Business courses, Mathematics, and Applied Sciences.
At least 1-year relevant experience in the electric power industry.
With preferences with candidates with a working knowledge and understanding of WESM, EPIRA, and RCOA.


Interested applicants may submit their Letter of Intent and updated resumé to or to