Social Responsibility

FDCUI’s social responsibility is guided by its corporate values. Priority is given to activities, projects and programs that exhibit any or all of the following qualities:

Excellence in Service. Community projects have a capability-building component that enriches the capacities of individuals or local groups to undertake effective social development projects on their own.

Integrity.  Projects are jointly implemented by a community sector group (or people’s organization) and the local government. It is important for FDCUI to help establish community processes that are transparent across all levels for this is how stakeholders can hold each other accountable.

Innovation. FDCUI is not afraid to try new technologies and strategies in pursuit of its mission to bring electricity to potential growth circles nationwide. As such, projects and programs that apply innovative solutions to social and/or environmental problems are strongly encouraged.

Stewardship. FDCUI puts much value in ensuring that resources continuously grow so that it can be shared with others. Part of stewardship is the responsibility to nurture and grow natural resources and also innate talents of community members who have shown the determination to excel.

FDCUI’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are designed in partnership with beneficiary communities using a needs-based approach and following barangay (village) development plans.