FDC Utilities, Inc., expands the portfolio of the Filinvest Group into the power generation sector. In all its power projects, FDCUI strives to adopt clean technologies ensuring minimal carbon footprint.

Power Generation & Water Supply

With the vision of helping secure the Philippines’ continued socio-economic growth, FDCUI employs the latest in clean fuel technology for its power projects. Initial projects involve hydroelectric power, solar power, and the circulating fluidized bed technology for clean coal-fired power plants. FDC Utilities, Inc. continues to explore the latest technologies in power generation to expand its energy portfolio further. In keeping with the advocacies of the Department of Energy, FDCUI espouses energy efficiency and conservation across its projects.

The company is also in the sustainable water space through its subsidiary FDC Water Utilities, Inc. FDC Water is into the general business of operation, management, maintenance, and rehabilitation of waterworks, sewage, and sanitation systems, including the distribution, supply and sale of potable water.

FDCUI Subsidiaries

  • FDC Misamis Power Corporation
  • Filinvest-ENGIE Renewable Energy Enterprise, Inc.
  • FDC Renewables Corporation
  • FDC Green Energy Corp.
  • FDC Camarines Power Corporation
  • FDC Negros Power Corporation
  • FDC Water Utilities, Inc.